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Jim Camacho, Fools' Paradise, New York City!

Posted on Tuesday May 2, 2006 by Steven Fischer

Back from New York City where for the past couple days I’ve been shooting simultaneously two Jim Camacho projects. For those unaware, not only is Jim a well known indie rock-n-roll artist, proficient writer, and wise businessman, he and his wife Deen also happen to be two of the sweetest, truest people one will ever have the pleasure of knowing.

The work was exhausting but greatly satisfying, and best described by these excerpts from my production journal:

The music video shoot: “very early call time. Wasn’t sure if Jim, being a rock-n-roll, up all night/sleep all day kind of guy would make it. Thankfully, his wife had the good sense and loving interest to tickle his toes at just the right time.

Good that Jim showed up on set half a sleep and dishoveled. It adds to the authenticity of the character. In the Colors video, a lonely and forelorn figure wallows in his own self inflicted isolation and loses himself in painful thoughts of all his losses in life: friends, lovers, opportunities, etc.

The shoot is guerilla and raw, gritty and real. Available light, stealing shots, tried to make use of NY’s existing (and wonderfully real) urban grit. It’s Mean Streets meets A Hard Day’s Night. Shot a bit in a taxi cab moving across the Brooklyn Bridge. Nice.”

Jim’s Musical: “Jim is in NYC this weekend showcasing his well-written musical Fools’ Paradise. He asked if I would shoot a mini-documentary about the troupe’s trip to the Big Apple. Good idea. It’ll be edited by a friend of his in L.A. Interviews of the cast, crew, standard b-roll of everyone getting ready and making things happen. As we haven’t the money for proper field audio, but access to a good lavelier, I am planning for the doc to be interview driven.

Too tired to go on … more later! zzzzzzz


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