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Freedom Dance The Movie : Freedom Dance The Movie : Production Weblog: WIFV-DC - Freedom Dance Set for Release in October 2006
Liberty Pictures presents Freedom Dance - An Animated/Live-Action Documentary by Steven Fischer and Craig Herron Based on the Extraordinary Sketchbook of Edward Hilbert

    WIFV-DC - Freedom Dance Set for Release in October 2006

    Posted on Thursday June 1, 2006

    Freedom Dance Set for Release in October, 2006

    By Steven Fischer and Craig Herron

    Freedom Dance, produced by Steven
    Fischer and Craig Herron, is the story of a
    young artist and his new wife who are
    literally running for their lives—on foot,
    by truck, by bus, by train and by boat—
    on a gutsy and determined quest for per-
    sonal independence.

    The documentary chronicles the four
    months Edward and Judy Hilbert spent
    escaping the ruthless control of
    Communist Hungary under cover of the
    riotous 1956 Hungarian Revolution as
    documented by Edward in a series of
    sketches defined by adventure: his apart-
    ment destroyed by a Russian tank (while
    he was home); a tense smuggling out of
    Budapest; the robbery by an opportunistic
    escort; a dream-like Christmas in Vienna;
    and a punishing boat ride across the
    Atlantic to America and freedom.

    Freedom Dance is an important movie
    not only because of its highly creative use
    of animation in a documentary, but also
    because of the inspiring achievements of
    the Hilberts under extremely difficult
    conditions. Their uplifting example
    reminds us that America’s freedom is a
    privilege, that dreams really do come true
    and that the human spirit is capable of
    remarkable endurance.

    Edward Hilbert has reproduced illus-
    trations inspired by the original journal
    for Freedom Dance. The original artwork
    for the film is for sale to help raise finish-
    ing funds and has been exhibited at The
    Norman & Sarah Brown Art Gallery,
    Baltimore, Maryland, and The Waddell
    Art Gallery in Sterling, Virginia.

    The International Documentary
    Association in Los Angeles, California, is
    the movie’s fiscal sponsor. Endorsements
    and testimonies have come from: The
    Mayor’s Office of Baltimore; PBS; Jewish
    Community Center of Greater Baltimore;
    The Embassy of Hungary; Center for
    Strategic & International Studies,
    Washington, DC; From the Heart
    Foundation, Oxnard, California.
    For more information, go to

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