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Liberty Pictures presents Freedom Dance - An Animated/Live-Action Documentary by Steven Fischer and Craig Herron Based on the Extraordinary Sketchbook of Edward Hilbert

Freedom Dance Final Cut Getting Close!

Posted on Monday August 7, 2006 by Steven Fischer

Have completed the rough cut of the movie … from opening titles to closing credit roll … Whoo-hoo! A few more holes to fill, though. Craig was by yesterday dropping off some more animation. I’ve a bit more music to score and need to finish mixing some music previously recorded (thanks to the help of music producer Michael Zampi at The Note Factory).

Today dropped off the movie’s sounds tracks to Kevin Hill at Studio Unknown. He will start mixing and sweetening. Craig and I will join him later when he started creating the sound design for the animation. (We are set to record the narration with him later this month … Bryan Dawson, our friend from the American Hungarian Federation, will be reading the narration for us.

Also, have tallied the animation in the movie: 13 minutes and 32 seconds of animation appear in Freedom Dance. (A few more bits to add, so the grand total will probably be about 14 minutes.) An amazing accomplishment for Craig Herron. (Craig animated nearly everything minus some moments done by Joel Loukus and Paul Sulsky.)

John Bintz, Jordan Bloom, Melissa Chiou, Meaghan Dunn, Barbara Herron, Rachel Kreutzinger, Joel Loukus, and Paul Sulsky have done the coloring and cutting, Marc Gillis provided some beautiful watercolor backgrounds for us … and, of course, Edward Hilbert himself drew all of the hundreds of images that were animated … an absolutely astounding accomplishment! I am so thankful to everyone who’s put in so much time and effort. The movie is really shaping up, and I hope it will turn out to be something we can all be proud of.

It’s been an exhausting 2 years. I’ll be glad when it’s all over, though the time on this project was very rewarding.


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