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Liberty Pictures presents Freedom Dance - An Animated/Live-Action Documentary by Steven Fischer and Craig Herron Based on the Extraordinary Sketchbook of Edward Hilbert

In Edward's Memory and Everyone Knows about Freedom Dance

Posted on Thursday August 24, 2006 by Steven Fischer

First thing A.M. blasting Debussy on the stereo, rushing to scan and email (as I’m falling behind) eleven pagesof teh SAG contract to Diane the Attorney who needs the info to help construct our own contract with …. well, can’t say just yet … it’s a secret! Diane would kill me.

Anyway, been sending out the press release of Edward’s passing left and right. So far (as I am aware), Ch. 4 UK, PressBox, Global Press Release Distribution, and MPT in Maryland have released the news. It’s been exhausting. Such a rush to get the news out to crew, public, getting content to John who did a great job updating the web site to accomodate the news (as he did in June the first time we thought Edward was going. As I recall, Emily Ross and Erik Bethke at the International Documentary Association were also very sweet in helping out then.

I am so ill right now. ... my throat last night became viciously sore, raw, scratchy … I feel so fatigued. Zonked., but still so much to do. (Friday have music recording session for which I must finish prep work. Still have to finihs th eedit of the movie. Have a recording session with Bryan Dawson to record the narration (as a backup) on Saturday. I need to feel like I’m ready for it. Need to finalize my plan of attack for New York trip which is Monday. Still some minor odds and ends to clean up with the Draw the Line project. Will meet with Miguel de Angel Wednesday about the animation for the Colors music video … need storyboards by then.


My time in NYC will be a whirlwind recon mission, bouncing from recording studio to recording studio, meeting with owners and managers I’ve been talking to on the phone. I suspect I know whch studio I am most comfortable with, but a personal visit will confirm. A decision will be made, time booked, and in early September we’ll record the official narration for Freedom Dance ... sorry I can’t be more specific just yet … news is coming, though.

Last night was invited to the Hilberts’ for a small gathering and dinner. So much food! Typical of Edward, he wanted noformal funeral or memorial service …. just a light-hearted gathering of friends and family.

The family and close friends arrived. Craig adn Barbara arrived for a bit en route to a workshop Craig was giving downtown that evening.

I thought a lot about what I should bring. Flowers were the obvious first thought, but then it occured to me that for months I’d known and even promoted publically the family’s wishes that in lieu of flowers donations be made to the movie’s completion. Okay, no floweres. I decided on a collection of material that could be paced in the scrapbook Edward was keeping on Freedom Dance: a new review from Channel 4 Uk; printed copies oif every single weblog entry up to August 22; a copy of the press release; copy of the official emai lI sent to the crew annoucning Ed’s passing.

I also gave Judy a fruit basket … figured she could use the good health and strength more than ever at this time. “It was either this or a bottle of Advil,” I joked. She laughed.

I was seated next to her at dinner. “Did you cut your hair?” I asked. Yes, she said. About 2 weeks ago.” Judy laughed, “Edward always said it looked like I’d gone to the butcher shop instead of barber shop.”

Dinner conversation was filled with happy memories of funny moments and Edward’s inner beauty.

It turned out the most rewarding gift I could bring was one brought unwittingly. Earlier in the day MPT replied to my press release with news that they would announce Edward’s passing that night on ARtwoks. So when I arrived for the dinner, I told this to the family and at 7:30 we all gathered around the TV and tuned in to the arts program. When the moment arrived the family exploded in an honorary cheer for Edward. It really meant a lot to them that he was publically remembered and on such a special day … the dinner that served as his memorial tribute.

Received call from Alex Kingsbury, a journalsit for US News and World Report. Had been talking to him for 3 weeks, ever since he called Diane trying to get in touch with us about including Freedom Dance in cover story he is writing about the revolution. (For the 50th Anniversary of the 1956 Hugnarian Revolution.) He had called oday in reply to the release. It seems our little mention in the article is definately a go and I’m so glad too … such major publicity for us!!

he said it seemed to him that everyone in the Hungarian community was talking about Freedom Dance. he seemed genuiely impressed.

Way too tired and irritated from lack of sleep mnow. Will return whenfeeling more civil./ Geeez. can’t even type.


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