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Liberty Pictures presents Freedom Dance - An Animated/Live-Action Documentary by Steven Fischer and Craig Herron Based on the Extraordinary Sketchbook of Edward Hilbert

More Mariska Hargitay, BlueRock, Freedom Dance

Posted on Monday September 18, 2006 by Steven Fischer

Last night on the phone with a friend, I rattled off my “to-do” list as we reviewed our respective schedules for the upcoming week.

“Wow!” She said genuinely impressed. “Sounds like you have a busy week ahaead.”

“No, no,” I corrected. “That’s just for tomorrow! Tuesday has it’s own separte list.”

It’s insanely busy now as we close in to wrapping things up on Freedom Dance and move on into promotion and distribution.

Yesterday received news from law gal Diane Davison (via word from California) that we can start publicizing Mariska’s involvement on Freedom Dance. Great! I finalize the press release (which I started sending out today) and started spreading the word via email, phone, and post. (Much to do with webbie John Bintz in updating the website to reflect the new addition. And thanks to technology—yes, for me it’s a love/hate thing—we were able to chat about it on the phone as he emailed tweaks and adjustments.) As I’ve said before, John Bintz is a terrific webmaster, not only in his skill, but in his work ethic. He’s not afraid to put in the hours adn be a team player. Thanks for that, John!

Continued making travel arragements for NY, car arrangements for Mariska, still waiting for word from California to confirm the exact recording date/time (which makes arrangeing my schedule a bit tricky, but understandable given the personal circumstances—Mickey Hargitay’s passing).

Also at work on an original cartoon for Mariska as part of the thank you gift’s she’ll be given (many a thank you goes out in the form of an original cartoon … it’s what happens when you work for cartoonists). Worked on a cut of the narration in the movie to use as a reference in Mariska’s session. Further discussed the music score with Kevin Hill and Phil Rosensteel … making sure we are in the same mindset for the emotional outline of the movie. In touch with Embassy about their participation in the November 8 JCC Baltimore screening (they will be sending a representative to speak about the movie and the revolution!).

Thanks to Gregg Landry was able to make some dubs of Houdini for a new round of festivals, and a couple more Freedom Dance dubs.

Picked up remaining Freedom Dance artwork from the Hilbert household (Edward had been nice enough to store it in his basement). By the time I arrived I was half starved—typical, forget to eat. Judy’s daughter Rose was there and found for me a baguette, which I topped with some of the most delicious chicken (paprika?) salad I’d ever had! Hit the spot. Couldn’t resist the little homemade chocolate bars on the counter. Scarfed it all down and was out the door onto a music session at The Note Factory with music maestro Michael Zampi.

Evening … continued work on Draw the Line and Colors. Not much though … exhausted!


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