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Liberty Pictures presents Freedom Dance - An Animated/Live-Action Documentary by Steven Fischer and Craig Herron Based on the Extraordinary Sketchbook of Edward Hilbert

Freedom Dance, Colors News

Posted on Sunday October 1, 2006 by Steven Fischer

Finished up (over the course of Friday and Saturday) the September email newsletter. Happy to note there was much to report! :0)

Newsletter work always includes the news highlights for the webpage,. which is just a matter of entering into nuv and emailing to John Bintz. (It’s that kind of administrative work that gets me. Boring, but necessary!)

John’s done great work on his poster design for Freedom Dance. Been emailing me today with updates to the design. I think we’ve now got a winner.

PS: John Bintz will be at Small Press Expo October 13 and 14 in Bethesda promoting his new Moment of Clarity book! Check it out.

Continued work cleaning up the final cut so Craig can start animating the photos and Kevin can finish tweaking the sounds tracks.

Still need to get my flight, hotel, car for Houston’s screening next month. Also, helping to coordinate the DC screening … nothing much, really, just making contact with the other producers and getting their reels for the screening. Lots of fun!

Edited the Colors music video (Jim Camacho project I shot in NYC over the Spring) at BlueRock on Saturday … much done. With Miguel de Angel this week to continue work on the video’s animation.

Judy’s generously offered for Edward’s paintings to be auctioned for the benefit of Freedom Dance. Was over the house Friday going through the paintings again. Trying to arrange autions with the American Hungarian Federation or The Embassy of Hungary.


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