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Liberty Pictures presents Freedom Dance - An Animated/Live-Action Documentary by Steven Fischer and Craig Herron Based on the Extraordinary Sketchbook of Edward Hilbert

Cold War Conference Screening; Goethe meeting!

Posted on Saturday October 14, 2006 by Steven Fischer

Today Freedom Dance screened at the Cold War Conference! I haven’t heard any news yet about how the event went. (That rhymes!) Hopefully will hear some news soon … be curious as to audience reaction (though it wasn’t a proper screening—the movie was playing during opening registration and lunch, I think).

Many thanks to Patti Winch and Gary Powers for their support of the movie!

I was sad to miss the event, but glad that the reason I had to miss was Jim Camacho! ... he was in Washington, DC performing at a ritzy benefit gala at the Ritz-Carlton. In attendance: Ashley and Wynonna Judd, Richard Branson, Miss Universe, Michael McDonald (who performed the set before Jim), amongst other notables. Met Jim in his room the morning after … such wealth and glamour … (Ah! The life of a rock star.) We spent the day working on his Colors music video … did get some chance to see the sights. (Took him to a late breakfast at Old Ebbitts Grill near the White House …. it’s a neat palce. Historic.) :0)

Have set up meeting for next week at the Goethe Instut to see the space and make sure all the movies play on their AV system. Much to do befor the Oct 23 screening (least to say before the Oct. 27, 29, Nov 8 and 9 screenings too! But so glad for it. What’s the alternative? Wonder why no one wants to support the movie?).


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