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Fischer and Bintz in New York for MoCCA

Posted on Saturday June 11, 2005 by Steven Fischer

In New York City today with John Bintz and friends to attend MoCCA (the big festival for independent cartoonmakers. I wanted to check out the scene and spread the word about “Freedom Dance”). First stop, though, was to brunch with an actress-friend, a sweet-hearted Southern Belle named Leah Martin who’s just finished a gig for the Discovery Channel and who is now modeling shoes.

The festival was great! A big turn out as always. Saw my pal Jimmy Gownley who is riding a wave with his remarkable series, “Amelia Rules!”:; and a gifted cartoonist from Massachusetts named Jack Turnbull whom I first met in DC at Small Press Expo. His well-crafted Apollo Astro series is worth looking into! I suggested to writer Jane Fisher that we should get married just so she can change her name to the hyphenated Jane Fisher-Fischer.

Yes, lots of laughs today in the company of truly great souls. (Isn’t that how life should be anyway?)

Met a lot of new people I hope will turn into friends, and spent probably more than I should on comic books (the indies are always the more innovative and entertaining for me!). All in all it was a great day in the big apple.

Signing off for now.

Steven Fischer

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