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Liberty Pictures presents Freedom Dance - An Animated/Live-Action Documentary by Steven Fischer and Craig Herron Based on the Extraordinary Sketchbook of Edward Hilbert

New Endorsement from California

Posted on Friday July 22, 2005 by Steven Fischer

Craig and I called Oxnard, California for a conference call today with Carole Dean of The Roy W. Dean Film Grant. (We had applied for two grants from the grantmaker and as a result were entitled to a complementary consultationon creative financing.)

This is the second time I’ve spoken with Carole on the phone. The first took place a few years ago. I had applied for a grant for a documentary I was making on celebrated photographer Carl Clark (which was released on cable in 2000 through TCI Communications of Baltimore). One Sunday morning Carole called me at home. I was shocked. Rarely would a grantmaker call, let alone on a Sunday morning. She said that she wanted to tell me herself that my proposal had not been selected, but that she personally had been impressed with my work. I thought that was a nice gesture.

Today Carole offered her opinions on our Freedom Dance proposal, and suggestions she thought would make it more attractive to financiers. Reacting to her positive comments about the nature of our project, we asked her outright if she personally would endorse Freedom Dance. “Absolutely,” she quickly replied.

So, we’re getting something from having applied.

After working a bit on the movie (and making plans to have 8.5×11 promotional pictures printed), Craig and I stopped over at the Hilbert’s place to discuss pictures for the Border Crossing sequence. The vastness of “No-Man’s Land” is something I feel strongly about projecting, and Edward’s beautiful landscapes are not failing the vision. I had to leave the meeting early for an edit session in Owings Mills with our digital artist/editor, Paul Sulsky.

Paul is a soft-spoken, even tempered soul blessed with double gifts for technology and storytelling. He is also a certified Avid instructor who travels the country conducting classes. His expertise is a valuable addition to Freedom Dance!

We cut about 25 minutes from Edward’s first interview. I will cut these clips into the audio skeleton as soon as an edit suite opens up at Blue Rock Productions.

Our edit session went deep into the night. Afterwards, we enjoyed a late supper at Hops (which, by the way, offers the best home-brewed root beer in town. Frothy!)

It’s very late. I’m exhausted, but extremely pleased with all the recent progress we’re making on Freedom Dance. Signing off for now….


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