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Liberty Pictures presents Freedom Dance - An Animated/Live-Action Documentary by Steven Fischer and Craig Herron Based on the Extraordinary Sketchbook of Edward Hilbert

Lunch with John Keltonic!

Posted on Monday July 25, 2005 by Steven Fischer

Craig and I were in Washington, DC, today for lunch with Richmond-based composer John Keltonic. John is a really sweet guy with many awards to his credit, including a National Emmy. One documentary he scored, “Autism is a World”, was nominated for an Academy Award last year. He contacted us months ago in response to an article in iCOM Magazine about Freedom Dance. Although we’ve been talking with him informally about the project for months, today was our first formal introduction.

John was in DC meeting with someone in an office along a business section of Connecticut Avenue. We’d arranged to meet right on the street.

Craig and I arrived early and scoped out restaurant options within walking distance to our appointed meeting place. It came down to two choices (one, really), a reasonably priced Chinese restaurant and a pricey, upscale Italian place.

While waiting, Craig and I window shopped and checked on prices in a frame shop for supplies needed to hang Edward’s original art work in the Freedom Dance exhibition Claudine Davison at the Jewish Community Center is planning for January. We also took the time we had to write a press release announcing our recent success in securing the chance to record on the SS John Brown this September.

Soon John appeared. After salutations and the recounting of restaurant options, he thought aloud, “You know that Italian place across the street is looking good to me.”

“It’s expensive,” I advised.

Without missing a beat, John turned on his heel, facing the Hunan restaurant. “The Chinese place looks good!”

Laughter all around. (We quickly discovered John’s refreshingly fun-loving personality.)

As we started for the restaurant, Craig stopped me and suggested we feed our parking meter. He reached into his pocket and produced a small pile of loose change, which he disappointingly fingered. My search for extra coins barely produced better results. Together we managed four quarters, and Craig was off on his mission.

“We’ll meet you inside,” I called after him, pointing to the Hunan. Then I turned to John, saying in a playful tone: “Quick! Let’s go to the Italian place!”

More laughter.

Considering it was lunch time, the restaurant was fairly empty. We had no trouble finding a free table. It was some time before Craig returned. In his absence I worried he’d forgotten what my car looked like. I pictured some lucky Joe getting extra meter time and me getting a parking ticket.

“What do ya bet he feeds the wrong meter?”

John laughed.

I posed this to Craig when he returned, and with perfect timing Craig replied, “No, no. I fed the right one. It’s the red BMW, right?”

Laughter. I could have stayed at the restaurant all afternoon in such good company as Craig and John; the three of us got on so very well. John’s acclaimed track record lent itself to fascinating stories, such as his experience conducting the London Symphony Orchestra.

He said he could get them for us …. at “86-thousand a day.”

I think Craig and I shared an initial surge of excitement … until returned to reality by the pathetic memory of our recent struggle to secure four quarters for the parking meter!

More laughter all around.

We hope that John can join the team and offer his gifted craftsmanship to the movie. Time will tell.


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