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National Broadcasting Society Comes a Callin'

Posted on Sunday February 5, 2006 by Steven Fischer

Colleague and long-time friend Brian Naughton aclled today with an invitation for me to speak at the National Broadcasting Society’s convension next month in Crystal City, Virginia. He’s bringing together about 50 professionals to talk with college students who are pursuing careers in radio and television and video production. A great honor to be asked … maybe he thinks I know what I’m doing! :0)

Of course I accepted the invitation (I mean, really, how many times to you get thought of this way?) Also, I like the idea of giving back, offering what I can to someone just starting out … after all, so many people had helped me along the way.

There’s also another reason, perhaps more self-centered. I’m in production on a major project, it’s valuable to keep my face and name out there. I have to keep active and productive. This, I’ve discovered on past projects, can yield to long term benefits not only for the movie you’re working on, but for a person’s career in general.


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