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Unexpected Meeting at City Dock Cafe

Posted on Monday February 6, 2006 by Steven Fischer

Took afternoon coffee at City Dock Cafe (one of my long-time hangouts in the quaint historic district of Annapolis).

There’s something revitalizing about being a little cafe that’s carved out of an old colonial home, warm sunlight filtering through the glass, staining the wood walls with patches of amber; the smell of coffees, the hum of conversation, the tinkling of the bell whenever the front door opens.

While I sat sketching in my sketchbook, I couldn’t help but over hear the woman next to me comment into her cell phone about the production of a commercial. Curiosity got the best of me, and, as we seemed to share a profession, after she hung up, I asked if she produced commericals. (What a horrible sentence … but too tired to think about grammar and structure. Insert sad face.)

Well, it turns out what she’s actually producing at the moment is a documentary! The conversation thickened.

We spent nearly 30 minutes talking about our respective projects and visiting one another’s web site on her lap top.

Coffee. The great connector.

Called Miguel deAngel about the art show in Loudoun, Virginia. It’s coming up and we need to get some Freedom Dance artwork to him! More details about that show coming soon!


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