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Liberty Pictures presents Freedom Dance - An Animated/Live-Action Documentary by Steven Fischer and Craig Herron Based on the Extraordinary Sketchbook of Edward Hilbert

Screen Actors Guild, Draw the Line, and La Landaise

Posted on Friday August 18, 2006 by Steven Fischer

Dinner is done and I sit now at the dining room table with a pot of tea and a pile of papers covering the cloth (going over a SAG contract for an upcoming VO recording in New York). Needed to take a break to let my glazing eyes regain their strength!

It’s been a theraputically busy day. First in the A.M. worked on the Freedom Dance music score, practising at the piano, will record some more next week. Talked with buddy Phil Rosensteel about recording on a baby grand at a place he knows of in Towson. (I much prefer the authenticity of acoustic pianos.)

Eleven A.M. to Craig’s place to pick up some more animation and discuss immediate future plans for narration, title sequence, marketing, PR, etc. Then to the Hilbert household to deliver the narration script (we will most likely only have one chance to record the narration, so I need their approval that all the details are accurate and expressed in a way they are comfortable with). Still much to do, but we are getting REEEALLY close to wrapping up this movie.

Lunch with a musician friend Damion Wolfe (a guitar virtuoso) at my favorite French cafe, the picturesque Crepe du Jour (The La Landaise is exceptional!) Such a relaxing diversion!

A quick visit with a friend in a near by hospital then it was back to Freedom Dance ... cutting in the new animation … will continue the session over the weekend.

This week finished Draw the Line, the half-hour animation special I produced for Northern Virginia Community College … to air in Virginia later this summer/fall. This is the project that’s been sustaining my existence (I write with much gratitude) since the spring. The piece showcases the work of five animators in the region. Lance Graham has created some really nice music for the show. The show is the better for it!

Okay, enough of this. Back to the contract!

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