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Screening "The Collector"

Posted on Monday August 21, 2006 by Steven Fischer

Attended preview screening of the work-in-progress The Collector, a feature my actor-buddy Brian Naughton is working on. (The filmmaker is Charles Roggero, whom you may recognize as the editor of al lthose John Water movies!)

The filmmakers rented space at the American Film Institute theater in Silver Spring and invited a hand selected group of professionals and industry types for critique and investment interests. I was honored to be invited and excited to unexpectedly see some old friends.

The screening was at 11 am, I arrived intentionally early to slowly savor morning coffee and get some work done at the cafe next to the theater. I sat at a little table in the spill of morning sunlight, surrounded by the necessities: coffee, danish, cell phone.

Notebook opened, papers all around, I began making phone calls to studios in New York in a continued effort to find the right recording studio for an upcoming SAG recording session. (I’ll be in NYC the 28th visiting the ones with the most potential.) After my third call my name was called from a passerby. I turned and saw the passerby was actually Paul Willard, an long time colleague whom I’m always running into at the least expected moments! He joined me at the table while waiting for a colleague of his to arrive for a meeting.

Musician-friend Jim Camacho called from Miami, and as soon as Paul’s meeting arrived and he was off to his own table, Jim and I reconnected for an update and continued discussions about the Colors music video I am currently making for him (my second music video for Jim, which we shot in New York over the Spring. Very exciting. The first I’d ever shot on the streets of Manhattan …. Exhilerating if not stressful!)

Jim’s ferocious appetite for life and making dreams a reality is infectious and refreshing! These are the partners I crave, these are the motivators who inspire the spirit of success and accomplishment. These are the people who make things happen and inspire others to do the same. If you’re into indie acoustic rock, clisk on his name above and check out his music … it’s fantastic!

The screening was impressive. The Collector is shot 24p and profjected digitally. It’s a sweet image. I was pleasatly surprised to see some old mates: audio whiz Ty Ford, former Maryland Film Office head honcho/Hollywood insider-turned actor Mike Styer .. . always a treat and the silliness picks up right where it left off. :0)

Ty was there with the specifc request to critique the sound, Mike to predict Hollywood’s reaction, another fellow, a musician whom I was introduced as “the guy who does all the music for Discovery Channel” I suppose critiqued the music score.

The rest of the day included phone meetings with a SAG rep for this upcoming recording session; prepping for an edit session tomorrow, and basic administrative work. Will pick up a rough mix of the waltz musi for Freedom Dance this evening to cut into the picture for timing. (To record some more this Friday.) To meet with Craig later this week to discuss the opening title sequence. We’re getting real close to finishing the movie!

Too tired to go on. More later.

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