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Radio Free Europe Meeting

Posted on Tuesday April 26, 2005 by Steven Fischer

Busy day! Craig and I met with Don Jensen, Director of Communications at Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty in Washington, DC. (On the way, mailed DVD to Edward’s friend Gabor Biro in Hungary. He will forward the proposal to a potential investor in England.)

Radio Free Europe is housed in a large modern building downtown just south of Dupont Circle amidst the bustle of Connecticut Avenue. Arriving early, Craig and I stopped in a café for coffee and chocolate milk, and talked about our expectations and last minute plans for the meeting.

At noon walked to the network and were taken into a corner office covered with baseball paraphernalia which soon became the topic of conversation. We introduced Don to “Freedom Dance” in hopes of soliciting some kind of support: financial, in-kind or testimonial. As predicted, the meeting was short, but successful: a rapport was established and the DVD and proposal are now being reviewed by the decision maker. Don also gave us the name and number of a fellow in DC at the Center for Strategic and International Studies who he thought might also be interested in “Freedom Dance”. (And standing on the street outside the Radio Free Europe building we called, introduced ourselves, and are now scheduled to meet on Thursday.)

As it turned out, Don is a published author of baseball history, including a unique book with fold out pages called “The Timeline History of Baseball”. It was a very enjoyable meeting, and I am looking forward to the follow up.

Steven Fischer

Post Script: Waiting in the garage for the attendant to bring up my car, Craig and I noticed a sign: “Monthly Parking, $225”. We had to laugh at the absurdity. “Sometimes I don’t even make that in a month!”

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