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IFP, Jewish Times, and CSIS

Posted on Friday April 29, 2005 by Steven Fischer

Sent off application to IFP Market/New York; fingers crossed!

The Jewish Times story is out! While in Annapolis this morning making copies of the article, I stopped by WRNR radio to visit with program director Alex Cortright. Alex has always been a wonderful and sweet person. We first met a few years ago while I was promoting a Steve & Bluey book called “The Wonderful, Happy, Cartoony World of Steve & Bluey”.

I gave Alex one of the newly made copies of the Jewish Times article. He immediately offered to get us on-air when the movie’s finished and screening. Thanks, Alex!

Later in the afternoon I was in DC at the Center for Strategic and International Studies introducing the Eastern Europe Studies department to “Freedom Dance”. The meeting went very well. The people were very inviting. I hope our relationship develops. Janusz Bugajski and Ilona Teleki have been very helpful in sharing leads to Hungarian-American federations and organizations.

Craig told me about a fairly recent movie he’s discovered: “An American Rhapsody” by Eva Gardos. It is based on a true story (the escape of Gardos’ parents from Hungary in the early 1950s) and was fascinating to watch because of its similar subject matter. (Different story, though.) I found a DVD of it at Blockbuster. Check it out. It’s a well-made, touching movie.

Tomorrow Craig, Edward, and I meet with the Director of the Jewish Community Center of Greater Baltimore.

Until next time…
~Steven Fischer

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