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Liberty Pictures presents Freedom Dance - An Animated/Live-Action Documentary by Steven Fischer and Craig Herron Based on the Extraordinary Sketchbook of Edward Hilbert

Creative Alliance, Leaves with a Name, and Getting Close to a Los Angeles Screening

Posted on Friday September 8, 2006 by Steven Fischer

Today Craig and I met at the Creative Alliance (Baltimore) with Barbara Lanciers and Megan Hamilton. Megan is the big cheese at the Alliance and Barbara, a long-time supporter and friend of Freedom Dance is producing Leaves with a Name, a theatrical performace piece which retells her grandmother’s escape story from 1944 Hungary.

Months ago Barbara was nice enough to invite Freedom Dance to be part of her show at the Creative Alliance … which will be in May 2007. So today was our first official meeting to work out details of how the show will be arranged, promoted, exhibited, etc.

I was surprised to hear how many big plans Megan had for the event. Wasn’t expecting all she offered us! So generous. Time will tell how it all develops. Will reveal more later.

Meanwhile, my lovely Los Angeles contact Annette has been supplying more addresses for alternative screening venues in Southern California (museums, art centers, etc.) She is even holding a commemorative luncheon on October 22 and has invited Freedom Dance to somehow connect … perhaps a screening near the luncheon that lunchers could go to after eating.

Such a generous person! Been meeting so many wonderful and supportive folks throughout this production who are so eager to help and contribute to the cause. Definately a blessing. (And I think these days, Edward’s guiding light from Heaven is showing its effects.)


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