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William Morris Agency, Studio Unknown, and Pipo Bonamino!

Posted on Sunday September 10, 2006 by Steven Fischer

Diane Davison wrote today … William Morris agency needs rushed to them the most up-to-date DVD of a project on which we might be using one of their actors. More on that later. Exciting, but exhausting (for Diane mostly. Thank goodness Freedom Dance has her!)

Will package today and FedEx tomorrow. Will need to make a rush call to BlueRock Productions LLC where I know Gregg Landry will let me sneak in a quick dub! ;0)

Getting an emotional outline of the music score and movie itself that sound designer Kevin Hill at Studio Unknown is expecting. Buddy Phil Rosensteel, who is a talented pianist, is going to give a go at the score.

It’s an interesting development to the musical side of Freedom Dance and a story that reflects the healthy communciation between Freedom Dance team members.

Not long ago, after a recording session for the movie at Studio Unknown, once everyone had gone, Kevin approached Craig and me with a concern. He respectfully stated his views on the music tracks I had been delivering to him. The quality of performance, wasn’t in his opinion as high as the story, the animation, the editing, and the effects sound tracks. I agreed. The music I’d recorded was only inteneded as a scratch track. I’d always intended to rerecord on a grand or baby grand for the authenticity. But I’m the first to admit I’m not the best player. (Though the melodies are fine. If anything, my strong point is as a writer.)

So he said his peace and Craig and I listened respecfully. (That’s one thing I admire about Craig, when having a serious discussion he always allows a person their chance to speak, and he never yells back … even disagreements are dealt with in a professional and respectful tone.) I’m the same way.

A week or so later, Kevin calls me. He wanted to follow up from what that session and repeated his concern. He’s a professional and he’s doing his job as the person in charge of post audio to make sure each track of sound is at its very best.

We agreed the melodies are fine (though I told him that if he and Phil were inspired to write something go for it … if it’s not appropriate for Freedom Dance, then perhaps it becomes appropriate for a future project) but the performance is what needs attending. So I agreed to let Phil learn my music and use a contact of his who owns a baby grand to record a version of Phil playing. If it’s more fitting for the project to use his playing we will.

I write all this because I’ve seen this scenario played out TOOOO MANY times in ways that are amateur, ridiculous, and just plain childish! There’s no reason why even the most sensitive of subjects cannot be discussed. Discussed, not argued violently. We’re all professionals. We’re all intelligent. We can communciate effectively if we learn to listen and consider other view points while voicing our own ideas. It boils down to everyone in the party having a grasp on respect and love.

Okay. Enough of that. Off the soap box. Moving on to… Pipo! In contact with Pipo Bonamino in Miami about getting the Houdini music video up on line at You Tube. Mission accomplished. Also in touch on and off throughout the day with Jim Camacho with developments for a shoot we’re scheduling for next month (as well as discussed a new round of festivals I am sending Houdini to).


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