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Fischer, Bintz in New York

Posted on Saturday December 10, 2005 by Steven Fischer

December 10, 2005

Some people claim that New York City is crime-ridden ande rude. I have been travelling to NYC for work several times a year since 1996, and in that time I’ve had more positive, heartwarming experiences than any other kind. I guess you receive from an experience what you bring to it.

A couple weeks ago I received news from a fellow in England who was spreading the word around various movie maker communities that he had just started a distribution company and was looking to meet some filmmakers. I replied to the fellow and set up a meeting for today with him in New York. Freedom Dance webmaster and colorist John Bintz came along, and as it turned out, his presence was a life saver.

Being a very busy couple weeks, I hadn’t the time to prepare the Freedom Dance package to my usual professional grade standards. (Didn’t even have a proper cover for the DVD.) It disturbed me, but I compromised in efforts to avoid going completely insane. I lamented to John as we waited for the bus this morning.

John, being the computer whiz that he is, said all he needed was access to the internet and photoshop and he could print a proper-enough DVD cover. So, now sitting over coffee at a little cafe on 42nd and 6th, John called a friend to reference on internet a list of all the mid-town Manhattan Kinkos locations.

We found one 4 blocks from our meeting place with the UK distributor. And with impressive lighting speed, John skillfully navigated between the and Photoshop, creating Frankenstein-style a new—if not makeshift—DVD cover. His precision and speed were impressive. (And appreciated since I was paying for the computer time.)

Sometimes it’s nice living in the future.

It’s also nice having a techno-savvy pal like John Bintz.

We took a leisurely lunch then headed for the meeting roundabout Tribeca. (A sweet oriental cafe with a cheerful staff, and one fellow who gave us free cafe-printed 2006 calenders.)

Spent an hour with the distributor who seemed impressed and interested in Freedom Dance. Time will tell how it all unfolds.

Returned home round 10pm. Exhausted but happily satisfied.


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