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Maryland Public Television Interview Coming Soon

Posted on Friday December 30, 2005 by Steven Fischer

Dec. 29-30, 2005

Editing all day each day at BlueRock Productions for our interview on January 3 (which will take place in the edit suite Gregg Landry has set me up in).

A production coordinator at MPT had asked for some of the “making of” footage we’d been collecting since beginning production for use as b-roll. The MPT interview is scheduled to air on January 11 … more details as they become available.

Also continuing work on the “Making of…” documentary that will be included on the Freedom Dance DVD. (The reality of independent production is that a person usually wears multiple hats. If you want a making-of documentary to document your movie, then chances are you’ll be making it yourself.)

I’ve always thought the making of a movie should be documented, and will at least keep a journal during any of my productions. I think the time put into a project, the project itself, and the people involved are important enough to document. Once it’s all over, re-reading the journal or re-watching the footage can be quite educational. Inevitably you learn things about yourself and hopefully see where you’re growing and where you still need work!

Have spent enough time on the “Making of” doc., now it’s back to editing the movie itself!

Tired but happy,

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